Vape Propaganda


What the truth and whats propaganda funded by massive tobacco companies such as Marlboro is had to tell but I guess you need to make a logical decision on the whole vape issue you see and here everyday on the media.

Yeah vaping something into your lungs can’t be good for you but it seems what ever we do its never good enough, everything in the end will give you a problem on the way. It is up to us to make the decision, too much of anything is never good. We are told by doctors and media what we should be thinking,  yet we never question there input into our lives, crazy?

Yes, I do vape and enjoy vaping but I am not stupid,I don’t think its completely healthy and safe but most things I do or have been though has or will affect me in the future, the fact is while I am here on the earth I want to enjoy myself and if it knocks a couple of years of my life then so be it. I want to drink beer and eat burgers and vape all in modaration of course.

The way the media bring up these outrageous scientific articles planting information into people minds. (the majority believe the news due to it being the all knowing void of knowledge) I believe in the system and how rich want more and control most things in our lives without us knowing but I will leave that for another day. For major companies like Malboro,camel and L&B vaping is destroying there sales and profits and smoking is declining as people are slowly understanding vaping is a much more cleaner way to get the hit of nicotine. If I was one of though major companies I would not be happy, after years and years building there business up and making trillions of dollars/pounds in sales. Greed sets in and these companies are defiantly out there to taint the vaping scene. Funding/barbing  scientists and media companies to dish out the information they need to bring down vaping. Of course people will do anything for a couple of million here and there.

I will add a few links below and you can decide for yourself. I am sure I will be bringing this political and health issue up again as I move forward.

Some of my favourite links       –  must read –


Vape Propaganda

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